beginning the week

3159The first thing going in my studio today was to get the first bath going for the cotton pieces (plant fibers) I plan to dye in Cochineal. I don’t have anything special planned for them with the exception of 2 gauze scarves. I know what I have in mind for one, but not the other as yet. The other pieces are cotton hankies, a bandana (furoshiki perhaps) and another odd piece. It’s an experiment, for information and fun, as this is my first experience dyeing like this.

After a bit of research, I’ve settled on Wild Colours as my reference for this and it has been an invaluable resource already.

So, at this point, my pieces are in their first alum bath.  They have pre-soaked (in water) and been added to a pot with diluted alum and soda ash.  They have simmered for an hour and will soak all day and overnight in the solution.  Tomorrow I’ll hang them out to dry, then move on to the 2nd bath in tannin.  This process could take most of the week (or all of it, depending).

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Related Vocabulary tidbits:

1. Cochineal – エンジムシ – 臙脂虫/ えんじむし(enjimushi) – the cochineal insect (Dactylopius coccus), —生臙脂 /しょうえんじ (shouenji)- cochineal and コチニール (kochiniiru)

2. Mordant – 媒染剤 /ばいせんざい (baisenzai) (n) mordant &

   媒染/ばいせん (baisen) color fixing; mordantizing

3.  Simmer -煮立つ/にたつ (nitatsu) – to boil;  simmer


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6 Responses to “beginning the week”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    I love weaves like this one!

  2. neki rivera Says:

    my favarite one:kochiniru 🙂
    i’ m on a quest for fabrics like that in cotton, linen and wool.

  3. neki rivera Says:

    oops too quick!
    try to get tannin that dilutes in is lighter, sand color and does not affect the colors very much. plus you can dilute it in water.

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