the season of the out of control

Roses, Honeysuckle….

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Actually, it may be the beginning, but with this last week’s rains it’s had a grand beginning. Honeysuckle climbs all over my blooming roses and other flowering shrubs.

Early in the week, A deer passed through the wild space beyond the backyard. The squirrels frolicked with the dirt in my pots with newly planted seeds. “Something” has been feeding on new perennials I planted earlier in the week. Then this morning, I glimpsed a fox skirting through the backyard. The creatures are at their work.

It brings to mind a theme that would emerge frequently in my college and high school lit. classes (so many years ago) – Man vs. nature. Here I am living it – kind of. It’s a mix. I want them to have their necessary accommodations too. We are encroaching on their territory and I have to remind myself of it from time to time.

A new expression I picked up this week from my usual resources – “they” were talking about spring, spring greens and an image of green leaves illustrated the point. 「ときわ色」tokiwa iro was the expression. From what I could glean it’s an old term, dating at least from the Edo Period and perhaps going as far back as the Heian Period. It means “evergreen” so in color it’s a deep blue-green and seems to reflect the constant, unchanging and eternal.


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