Rabbit & Moon quilt

Rabbit & Moon quilt

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

It’s finally complete and ready for exhibit. At the moment I’m referring to it as “Rabbit & Moon” and my readers know that it’s a favorite motif that speaks of home. It measures roughly 30 x 52 inches and the work is entirely by hand (also linen & cotton). Of course, the patterning is in shibori and indigo dye.

It won’t be exhibited as hoped and planned though, as I just this morning, received notification that the event won’t be taking place. I’m disappointed needless to say and not just for myself. I’m sure there must be some good reasons for it.

However all of that is, I’m looking forward to this summer’s possibilities at Artspace – teaching the craft to the two Youth groups – classes scheduled in August.

The students are always enthusiastic participants and I learn from them. In the mean time, there’s much to explore in the studio.


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8 Responses to “Rabbit & Moon quilt”

  1. Ronia Marie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Within each stitch is a thought of yours. Now that your rabbit and moon quilt is done, it knows quite a bit about you!

    • Susan Says:

      Oh thank you so much for the thoughts (not to be repetitive or redundant here!) here, Ronia – so generous. I can’t imagine how many went into this piece. It probably does know me quite well at this point. I loved working on it and learned quite a bit in the process (as we all do) – always, always learning – it’s the journey isn’t it?

  2. neki desu Says:

    beautiful work.
    feeling your dissapointment.
    on the other hand you’ve been saved of energy consuming hassles like mine.

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you! It was a disappointment, but pretty minor compared to so many other things. I’m glad I put the time and effort into it – something to grow on. Has anything come forth about your situation? I thought it was a wonderful piece, so much to be considered in it.

  3. The Vegan Kat Says:

    Gorgeous! I’m just starting to experiment with using stitching to pattern fabric when dyeing. I haven’t tried using indigo yet. I’ve just been learning with Procion MX dyes, but I would love to learn how to dye with indigo as well. I love the ripple texture you created behind the rabbit!

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your explorations in shibori and have wonderful results with those mx dyes. I’ve always enjoyed using them.

      • The Vegan Kat Says:

        I’ve definitely been enjoying it so far 🙂 I’ve mostly been trying geometric shapes with the stitching, but you’ve inspired me to try some pictorial ones as well!

      • Susan Says:

        Wonderful and happy to hear it! I think the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagery. You’ll find your personal vocabulary, I’m sure!

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