stepping back a bit

on mother’s day
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I diverted just a bit from the rabbit quilt last week to work on a small Mothers Day gift for my mom. I’d meant to work on a piece with the image of my great-grandmother for longer than I’d like to admit. Sometimes it takes years….

I thought I didn’t know what I was going to do with the image, when in fact, I really did. I’ve probably known that for some time too, just hadn’t pulled all of the pieces together.

While the central piece is a transfer image, the rest of the fabrics are hand dyed. The top layer is linen in kakishibu and so is the cotton thread I used to quilt it together. The back layer (flannel in the middle) is tea dyed muslin.

It’s simple, but a helpful exercise in furthering my understanding of quilting, – more to it than meets the eye. I know how I could have better approached the indigo rabbit piece and will have to make some “adjustments.” In spite of that though, it’s turning out the way I’d hoped.

At any rate those “lessons” aren’t in either of these pieces, but they’ll be useful  later.  It didn’t take long to complete this piece and mailed it in time for “the” day and I just learned today that she likes it.


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