Inch by inch


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I need to research that little phrase. It keeps “visiting” from time to time. It works well though in a lot of different contexts: the garden and then the textile work.

This hasn’t progressed as quickly as I’d hoped this week, but I’m finding little things that need to be done…little considerations that I hope will make a difference.

I’m also learning simply by trial and error why things need to be done in a particular way (some things, not all). Sometimes a book can’t tell you, you just have to experience it, make the “mistakes” and then work with it. That’s the deal anyway.

It’s very satisfying work though and love working with the layers, needle and thread and feeling the textures as I work. It’s a loving challenge.

I think that’s the deal here.  I love the color, the imagery, the patterns, the feel of the linen under my fingers.  I also love the challenge of the work – threading the needle, pushing it through the layers of the quilt, then pulling the thread (hand dyed thread, by the way) and seeing the form it creates.  It has to work.


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4 Responses to “Inch by inch”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    how can it not? it’s こころのよりね?

    • Susan Says:

      Yeah. We hope. So, こころの より? You’re turn to explain this one to me…it’s a new one on me. I know “kokoro” just not familiar with this phrase….

      • shiborigirl Says:

        i understand it as “from the heart” i heard it on NHK today. when i put it into a translator it says “good heart”. either way…

      • Susan Says:

        おもしろい! I did a little more looking too and ran across “heart and soul”…they all work don’t they? Interesting little turn of phrase.

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