spring challenges


Last week my days were split between the garden and work on a small quilted piece for the wall.  I’m expanding my very small dyer’s garden and hoping to gain some needed experience in quilting.

I opened up space for more indigo, a bit of woad, safflower, madder and some milkweed and planted the seeds. It’s pure experiment,  for the experience and fun of being able to do it.  Finding space where the sun gives enough of what is needed is a challenge in my fairly shaded yard.  I have found a few forgiving spots though and hope to find a few more in the coming days.

 Quilting is a different approach for me.  I have always loved quilts, but have never really explored the craft.  However in working with some of my pieces  I’ve been thinking for some time that I needed to approach some things differently.  A characteristic of cloth is that it stretches, and my hope in trying this avenue, at least on this piece there might be less of that or at least the treatment would offer more stability or possibilities.  It’s another exploration.  I have to try it.

 I found in consulting with some of my expert quilting friends yesterday that I needed to make some adjustments on this rabbit piece, and today, decided that if it was going to be done “properly” I needed to take it apart and redo (which I did).  A note here – “properly” doesn’t necessarily mean traditionally, but a form that will give the piece the strength and stability it needs (it also needs to read well). At this point, I think it’s ready for quilting, at least I think I can begin the process.  It’s another challenge in the weeks ahead.




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5 Responses to “spring challenges”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    are you hand quilting it?

    • Susan Says:

      Oh yes! My way, of course. But I don’t think my sewing machine would do it and then again, not sure it would really look the way I want. So, it has to be by hand. And I always, in some way, do something to complicate the issue. So, we’ll how this goes. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Genie Says:

    Very nice! This will look great hand quilted.

  3. Sartenada Says:

    Very lovely looking!

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