unwelcome visitor

unwelcome visitor

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

My “dye studio” receives many visitors especially when it warms up. Sometimes there are nesting birds, lizards, a chipmunk or two, but mostly it’s a variety of insects. In general, I prefer they stay away, but it’s the way it is.

Today it was this and I can’t be sure if “he” was a honeybee or yellow jacket. If he was the latter, I would have expected a little more aggressive behavior. It has been my usual experience and I’ve had more than one unpleasant encounter over the years.

This one was curious. He explored and lingered over my measuring spoons then moved on to this spot next to a pot. He stayed there quite still for some time and I came and went, working in the dye vat nearby. He didn’t budge.

Eventually, after allowing me to take a few shots, he finally disappeared – relief! I still am not sure though, whether he was a bee or yellow jacket.


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