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We’ve only just transitioned into spring, but I feel like it will slip away too quickly. I’m anticipating blooms on my Cherry tree – it feels like seconds away before their blossoms open fully. The sun is out after a couple of days of rain, gloom and bone-chilling damp. It’s welcome and cheering.

I’m staying away from the vat for another day – it still feels a bit too cool for that kind of work or play (although, I did just a tiny bit for class prep!). The stitched sample is far enough along to show to the kids and continue to work with it or not when the time comes. It helped that process – how much fabric do I really need for this? And there has to be a little leeway in there somewhere. They’re kids after all and it’s fun and exploration.

Most of the morning thoughts were on the upcoming summer youth classes. I’m still working up supply estimates. I’d hoped to be able to refer to last year’s list, but can’t and am puzzled by what I sent off last year. It definitely wasn’t specific enough (as far as I can tell). Where was my brain? Surely, I can improve on that this year. At any rate, that task is nearly done.


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4 Responses to “sample”

  1. Sarah Campbell Says:

    like the red stitching…

  2. shiborigirl Says:

    i’m thinking on a presentation for the local JCC here in long beach this summer. they say one hour, 100 students. a quick shibori related to a haiku theme. hmmm…. むずかしいですね、、、

    • Susan Says:

      1 hour?? 100 students?? That does have its challenges. There must be something…intriguing idea though.
      I’m due to teach some middle school aged kids for about 3 hrs. on a Saturday. It’s either do a general intro. or
      work with a theme, which would be something different. I’ll have to think about it.

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