Baku II

Baku II

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

This is the second in a growing series of explorations in Baku imagery. I suppose it could expand into a general Yokai series. I’m not sure. It would definitely work.

Baku are complicated creatures as they are composites of several animals, the lion, elephant, rhinoceros and ox. I think that’s it.

Although from the many different images I’ve seen you’d never really know. I often think my dogs are rather “baku-ish.” They often provide me with inspiration.

As I said earlier, “complicated” – the imagery, the form itself and the question of approach is that way. A second go ’round with this same image with a different approach is tempting.

I have a third sketch of one, but not sure I’ll use it. While I need to move on to the next, it may be a while before it’s completed – summer perhaps. There are other projects being worked on simultaneously and it just takes time. I have to be patient.


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