pattern practice

pattern practice
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Sometimes I get stuck, which is where I’ve been on one small piece. I started it,  put it down thinking the progress I’d made would leave adequate clues. It didn’t. Besides, it’s a pattern I struggle with. My brain doesn’t want to do it.

Sometimes I can work through it and at others, it completely baffles me. That’s what happened this week.

In the end, I did some experimenting and much needed practice. The piece on the right is the “authentic” pattern that challenges. It seems to work. The one on the left is simply one I wondered about and thought it could be a shortcut.  It has possibilities I think, but obviously the one on the right is the stronger of the two.

On this fabric, muslin, the pattern just didn’t take that well. Something didn’t quite work (binding not tight enough?) but I can see some similarities and differences in the patterns. It’s enough to keep me interested, asking further questions and continuing with the practice.


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4 Responses to “pattern practice”

  1. neki desu Says:

    i like the bottom part of the left hand one. perhaps controlling more and aiming for that repeat will make it work.

    • Susan Says:

      I agree with you about the bottom part. It’s the one place it worked. Some of the problem was the fabric – it just didn’t wick that well.
      I’ll definitely try it again.

  2. velma Says:

    i like these, all together in fact. they mess with your yese in a nifty way. i think th eleft piece is more interesting visually, even if it’s the “wrong” one.

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