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The sun did not come out to play today – disappointing. Still, I was able to reach the few goals I was working toward – to get at least half the run (pants) complete (which I did) and the other half ready for completion tomorrow.

I also took small breaks and unbound the small swatches I stitched up over the weekend and earlier in the week. These are lighter fabrics than my usual and I wondered how they would take stitching – some stitches. Then there was the element of the dyeing.

There are still some questions and further stitching. These pieces have given me some of the information I needed – not unhappy with the results!

Tomorrow: back to the pants, but progress is good and I’ll work quickly.


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4 Responses to “swatches”

  1. neki desu Says:

    saw the pants in fb! the samples are great is that,organza? dyes so beautifully,but one needs a soft hand pulling the stitches tight.

  2. velma Says:


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