Now it isn’t


You just never know around here.  Some winters you see it, some you don’t.

It’s sticking just a bit.  It won’t last, but I’m enjoying the view.

A cup of tea or maybe hot chocolate will do me at some point today – and maybe a good fire – cheering.

In the meantime, I’m watching the flakes fall.

My dictionary gives us:

「雪がひどく降っている。」Yuki ga hidoku futte iru.

It’s snowing thick and fast [well…just plain snowing here.].

降る・ふる・furu – precipitate, fall – rain, snow and ash fall.

「雪がしんしんと降る」Yuki ga shinshin to furu.  The snow keeps falling silently.

「チラチラ降る」Chira chira furu – to fall in flakes.

Let it snow.


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2 Responses to “Now it isn’t”

  1. neki desu Says:

    yuki ga futte iru here over the weekend. yes, just after i pruned the clematis 😦

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