weather watching


This is today’s challenge.  So far, I’ve been fortunate and managed some morning work.  The wind helped to  diminish the drips on the pants I’ve been working with since last week. It’s all I can manage in this strange winter weather. I met my morning’s goal though – an arbitrary one for myself.

The drying has to take place in the dye studio.  So the “pieces” are there now and hope it won’t be too many days before they’re completely dry.

It has been balmy (in the low 70s) these last couple of days – a huge change since last week’s ice – typical of the area generally.   It has made it so much easier to work and I’ve been productive.  A few more days like this interspersed would ease things a bit.  Tomorrow We move back towards winter and I feel a little mixed about it.  It is winter after all.

In the meantime, things to ponder…what will I do with the order of vintage Japanese silk (via Richard & Glennis) that arrived today?  It’s lovely stuff.


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