Stitching, actually…

Small furoshiki

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I was expecting a day with more sun, more light, less chill, less damp. The weather hasn’t been unwelcome, just unexpected. I was planning to do some much needed yard work, it’ll have to wait. So, instead, I’m catching up on projects that have somehow slipped away in the last month.

In the fall I dyed some cloth intended for furoshiki and am finally finishing the edges of each piece by hand. In the past, I resorted to the machine, but recently I’m finding that hand stitching is far more satisfying.

Aesthetically, I think it looks better and seems to “match” the other hand crafted aspects of the cloth. I also don’t feel any need to speed through these small projects. It’s fine to slow it down a bit and fits with the day and weather.


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