As it closes….


Dragon Scales – my bow to the dragon

It’s the closing of the Year of the Dragon – New Year’s Eve…it has come so quickly this year, it seems.  Either time is speeding up or it’s me.  Perhaps it simply indicates that there is always something to keep me engaged – an activity, event or project.  For that, I am grateful.

In a large part, that is due to my readers, good friends and family, clients, patrons and other good folks who inspire, encourage, support and affirm the things I do.  For all of it, I am deeply grateful.

2012 was about continued explorations with indigo, focusing on the different vats one could create with it.  Working with adults as well as the young folk at Artspace and the Japan Center were inspirational.  Working with clients with special requests also raised questions and challenges.

Not everything worked.  There were some failures and some things that put me on the “edge.”  They say it’s alive, so therefore, one has to work with its “humor” or mood – therein lies the challenge and the fun.

Again, as the year closes…my heartfelt gratitude to family, friends, patrons and the many more who inspire.

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4 Responses to “As it closes….”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    may the new year continue to bring growth!

  2. neki desu Says:

    may your vats dye very,very blue..

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