Kiseki/”I Wish”


Roger Ebert, in his comment about “I Wish” on Rotten Tomatoes, says, it’s “built around performances by two real-life brothers who are as unaffected, spirited and lovable as I can imagine, and one of the pleasures of “I Wish” is simply spending time with them.”  Andrew L. Urban adds, “and in the way Kore-eda [writer/director] immerses us in provincial Japanese life is exceptional.”I think they’re holding back.  There’s so much more to this film than meets the eye.

I had the pleasure of watching it last night and will undoubtedly return to it many times.  It’s one of those films – so many levels – not to mention one of the main settings is Kagoshima.  Did I give something away here?


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2 Responses to “Kiseki/”I Wish””

  1. neki desu Says:

    touching, endearing of my memorable views of 012.

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