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Barbara’s Sweetgrass Baskets
Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I believe I mentioned earlier that I was preparing for Charleston. I could have done more, but I was also aware that there would be so much to take in that it would be better to experience what I could and to simply enjoy the moment.

I did just that – walked far too many times up and down Kings St. – but met some fine folks at the market in Marion Square and was also able to “scratch” just a bit at some research in the Historical Society. I found a few things that satisfied, so that next time I visit, perhaps I’ll find more. It was well worth the time and effort.

There was also the Gibbes, the Charleston Museum and also the Halsey – all within walking distance. There is more, I saw more, and I’m just “scratchin’ the surface” as I said to one crafter I met at the market on Saturday.

The baskets in the image are from Barbara’s Sweetgrass Baskets – Barbara & Raymond Manigault – 3rd generation basket makers and educators. Raymond generously gave me a lot of time on Saturday to educate me just a bit about the history, craftsmanship and challenges faced by today’s basket makers.


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2 Responses to “weekend travels”

  1. velma Says:

    beautiful baskets, they are just asking to be touched and used!

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