Revisiting Red White & Blue

2010 Red White & Blue 3

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

In the summer of 2010 I dyed a small series of scarves on the theme of red, white and blue. It was just before the 4th of July and wanted to do something to commemorate the upcoming day. While I used the colors, I didn’t quite reach that blue needed to make that statement. I did use indigo. In the process of dipping and dyeing, I stopped short of the goal – on purpose.

I liked what was happening with the colors, loved the green that resulted and decided not to push it. I’m not sure my original idea would have read as clearly (a bold red, white & blue) after seeing the unbound results. In the end, it really doesn’t matter as I’ve enjoyed them for what they are. I’ve felt no hurry to display or sell them. In fact, I was hoping to build on the theme and time has simply slipped by and there have been other “distractions.”

Last week, I was going through some of my pieces and was considering them again. They’ve been good inspiration, but think it’s time to set a couple of them free. So eventually, after I complete some final processes will put them in my Etsy shop. I plan to hold on to a couple and hope that they’ll continue to motivate and inspire in the coming seasons.


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4 Responses to “Revisiting Red White & Blue”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    reviewing older work is always informative. like what i see here…

  2. neki rivera Says:

    those overdyed scarves have been an inspiration.

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you and so happy they serve in that way. Maybe over these winter months I can begin some new projects that involve more of these ideas – not that I’ll be in the dye pots so much. The temps are beginning to behave seasonally. We’ll see what happens. Sometimes we have days that spike.

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