Looking at the Moon

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For some, it is a time to pause, reflect, to enjoy the aspects of the season, family and many other things. I’ve also been looking at the moon this week. The sky has been clear for a change and the evenings have a touch of cool. There are insect sounds still, so it’s pleasant to be out.

Maybe on a designated night this weekend, I should do a more purposeful 月見・tsuki mi・moon-viewing. That is to say, sit outdoors and really gaze at the sky (and the moon) and then munch on goodies moon shaped – something like that.

The image – it’s a furoshiki, something I made to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit (in shibori & hand dyed in indigo).  Those images, though are quite universal in a particular culture.  For me, it’s a favorite.


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10 Responses to “Looking at the Moon”

  1. bellejarblog Says:

    I love this! You’re very talented!

  2. Glennis Says:

    lots of autumn things going on. here, we have to wait a bit longer for it to really feel like autumn. the moon has been visiting here too. i imagine even despite the distance between us, we are すけみ together!

    • Susan Says:

      I think you’re growing season must be longer too. My indigo is finally in flower, just waiting for seeds. And isn’t that moon something these days? And we will definitely be doing つきみ together. Maybe I should dig out a little hemp and get the vat going – do a few moons!

  3. Martine Says:

    I’ll join you in moon viewing this weekend. Got only tree indigo plants but they flower beautyfully.
    Lovely how those rabbits watch the moon…………

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you about the rabbits. I hope we can view the moon from here tomorrow night, but we may have cloud cover. Rain is in the forecast. Guess we’ll see. What kind of indigo are you growing?

  4. neki rivera Says:

    it’s been covered over here for つきみ. going out tonight, let’s see if i can catch it.
    ps. fabulous blue!

    • Susan Says:

      We’ve got clouds creeping in here tonight too. I’ll just have to see how it works out. We’re apparently due for rain. Thank you about the blue.

  5. Martine Says:

    I have the Indigofera Tinctoria..only 3 so its not enough for dyeing. They where blooming till a few days ago but no seeds………….

    • Susan Says:

      I wonder how many is needed for a decent batch (whatever that is)? I also have a few, but I didn’t transplant them into larger pots, so they
      didn’t meet their potential. I have one that I saved from last year and it’s 3-4 ft. tall. I’m impressed with the size of it and may have to just let nature take its course with it this fall. I don’t get enough sunlight to maintain it. I’ll save the smaller ones (at least for a while) – good for display at at workshop. I’ve also got the dyer’s knot weed in my garden and I’m enjoying them. Hoping to grow more next year.

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