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6-In the dye

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Storm clouds are moving in and I’m sure I heard thunder in the distance. I’ve checked the map and there is something that could be intense moving in. There is a suggestion that it will be like this for a few days. That means a slow-down vat-side.

That could be a good thing – catching up on rest, focusing on future needed preparations and whatever needs my attention (including home). I don’t know how ‘that’ business will respond to it though. I hope they’re flexible and simply realistic. It’s part of the learning process between the two of us. I’ll just do my best (がんばろう).

Actually, doing this particular project, custom work or bit of collaboration (which it actually is) has given me a good deal to think about – mostly around 2 – 3 a.m. when I’d rather be sleeping.  However, that is, I made notes the next day and plan to follow up with Twyla Tharp’s The Collaborative Habit.   It might be a good read on a rainy Sunday and a holiday weekend.


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4 Responses to “listening to nature”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    最善は、我々が行うことができますほとんどです or something like this….

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you! I got the message and I’ve learned a new word: 最善 – I had to look it up! And then I found this little
      phrase that might also capture the same – I’d love to find a proverb or something: 最善の努力を行う /さいぜんの どりょくを おこなう。/”make best efforts”.

      Anyway…so true! I lost power just as soon as I posted that entry and was trying to make some little edits! At least that storm has passed. We lose power all to easily around here – sometimes a rain shower will do it. I wonder about the grid around here.

      • shiborigirl Says:

        最善 saizen was new to me too. we’ll have to ask eve for the entomology…
        opps, just realized i have to reset my languages. still getting back all my customizations since “the crash”. glad you got the power back…

      • Susan Says:

        love the idea about asking eve. i’m sure she’ll have some interesting things to say.

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