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This one was ripening, so I had to taste it. It was mildly sweet with a bit of that…there’s no other word for it, shibui – astringent or puckery. Still, it made for a tasty afternoon oyatsu – snack.

A major part of the job is done – 50 lbs. or more of healthy locally grown green persimmons – they’ve been hand-chopped then put through the food processor. Six 2-gallon buckets will sit with their mash for another day or two, then I’ll begin to strain out the juice. So there’s a ways to go yet.

It’s a harbinger of autumn – the fruit itself, the form and color. Later, though, when they ripen…that’s another color and flavor worth looking forward to.

PS. Check out Drowning Creek Farm for other goodness like this (and green persimmons, of course.).


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2 Responses to “Shibui?”

  1. aracne Says:

    How interesting, many people are talking about green persimmons in these days, I am intrigued!

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