This morning’s persimmons

This morning’s persimmons
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I’ve been working between the vat and the table loaded with persimmons today. They arrived this morning.

I’m taking a more deliberate approach to them this year. Last year I rushed through the process and there was probably no need for that.

I’m working about 10 days later this year, but I’m told that they are greener than last year’s. At any rate, I’m pleased to have them. They’re beautiful and I’m enjoying their “kaori” (fragrance) as I work with them. I look forward to their color in about 2 years.

My resource for these persimmons…Drowning Creek Farm. I’m sure Becky would love to supply you not only with green persimmons but other tasty items for your table.  I’ve also added the link to my list of links.


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8 Responses to “This morning’s persimmons”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    exciting susan! so are these from a local grower? i have a persimmon tree but not the heart to cut them all off while green…we eat them and they look so lovely on the tree in the fall…will look forward to your kakishibu-

    • Susan Says:

      Hi Glennis! They are definitely from a local farmer. Otherwise, I’m like you…I couldn’t do it to my own tree and it has yet to produce. Can’t wait until it finally does!

  2. neki rivera Says:

    looks like you’re on the good trail !

  3. frances moore Says:

    Will you use any fresh, raw, unfermented kakishibu (kishibu)?

    • Susan Says:

      It would make sense to do it, wouldn’t it? I’ve got some gauze from last year’s work and I liked the color, so…maybe I should try it.

  4. neki rivera Says:

    check this post:

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