Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recently, someone at a workshop asked whether or not shibori was in other colors besides indigo and this exquisite example above answers that question. I don’t know what dyes were used to achieve this potent red, but it does bring to mind again, the beauty and boldness of that hue.

Shibori is always a main attraction on this particular site, but this time it was a word, kagome (籠目・かごめ) that gave me pause. The word is familiar, particularly in its repeated 籠目籠め、kagome, kagome   form. Then again, the write up above defines  it as  basket weave  – two different contexts, so what does it really mean?

Kago does mean “basket” and kagome refers to the pattern.  It also means “cage” (as in a bamboo bird cage), and the repeated pattern is a song in a child’s game similar to “Here we go ‘round the Mulberry Bush.” That’s how I know it and often chanted the song and walked the circle in playing the game with my playmates in Kagoshima. I’m always surprised to find how deeply embedded these memories are when I run across them – the unexpected thread.

Daily Japanese Textile

Woman’s yukata (casual summer kimono)
Several types of shibori

Most yukata have blue and white as their two base colors, but occasionally other colors are used.

This lattice design is called kagome, and is often used in basket weaving. The flowers are peonies.

The woodblock print below, by Sadahide, shows kagome weave used in gabions along a riverbank. (Photo thanks to

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3 Responses to “Thursday, August 9, 2012”

  1. Sarah Campbell Says:

    Love the red, and the simplicity – thanks

  2. Glennis Says:

    that is an awesome piece. i have a shibori obi dome in a similar red. somewhere i once blogged about it. always wanted to know more about its unusual style and coloring…

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