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Finn has a brother now. I hope it’s the right thing for her. She’s settled in quite nicely and we did have in mind a companion. She expresses a good deal of sadness when “mom” leaves the house, even other humans are about and even if it’s just my going to the garage where I do my vat work.

So, this little guy turned up on the radar – another non-shedding type, which works in my home. There’s a good deal more to him than meets the eye though. He’s as active and physically adept as a Jack Russell (a challenge), but incredibly sweet and affectionate (a hugger).

He and Finn seem to communicate well and she’s let him know through some interesting choreography or “play” what the “deal” is here. I noticed her reinforcing the lesson this morning.

We’re in a grace period at the moment, as we have 3 weeks to decide whether to keep him or not. Even in less than 24 hours though, in spite of the challenges, they seem quite accepting of each other – very affirming! What a relief!


2 Responses to “Gethin”

  1. velma Says:

    having a dog, and now two, is a blessing, no a double blessing, indeed. indigo and two dogs. sigh.

    • Susan Says:

      I really wasn’t sure, but after seeing how they’re adjusting each other so quickly, I’m happy with the decision. This little guy really needed a home and he seems to be relishing the whole thing. He’s a delight and full of surprises. And I did finally toward the late afternoon, get to do a little indigo work.

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