Nigerian Indigo

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To continue with my visit at the Gregg: In the middle of shooting small shibori swatches, Janine produced several must-see indigo pieces from Nigeria that were in storage. I was there not just to document but to see some of what the Gregg offered in terms of shibori and indigo – thinking ahead to our upcoming workshop in the mountains. I’ve seen images of things like these, of course, but nothing compares to reality.

It was overwhelming and simply could not get enough of the color – the quality and richness of them, then the patterns and the aroma – subtle but very present. It simply took my breath away. This particular piece, batik and dyed in indigo is probably the most meticulous or well defined in pattern of the three.


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4 Responses to “Nigerian Indigo”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    Reminds me a bit of the behind the scenes tour I took of the textiles dept. at LACMA a few years ago. you must have been in heaven!

    • Susan Says:

      Oh absolutely! And the best is yet to come! I could not believe these pieces. Amazing stuff! And isn’t it fun to go behind like that? Understatement, ne?

  2. coloremartine Says:

    This reminds me of a piece i saw in Maroc years ago….
    I like it very much!

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