Red & Yellow Obi

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Another favorite I encountered at the Gregg was this obi (sash). We didn’t measure it, but it was quite long enough (for wrapping around the body several times, then tying) for wearing with either a kimono or yukata (summer kimono).

What intrigued me about this piece, was that the shibori was obviously done by hand – it was so irregular. There was a common, repeated motif (iris), but there were obvious “burps” or little “mistakes” in there as well. That was the element that held intrigue – it was “imperfect” and still quite usable (acceptable).  It made it all the better, actually.

Another aspect of this very soft, lightweight silk (habotai?) sash was that it seems as though it could have been dyed with benibana (safflower) – at least I thought so from examining some of the white areas that were tinged pink. It’s another topic I hope to touch on later.

I’ve also just talked with the folks at the Florence Thomas Art School (Glendale Springs – Blue Ridge Parkway) and it seems that there is still room for those who are interested in taking an indigo/shibori class in the mountains where it’s cool. Please see the details on my “Upcoming Workshops” page.


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2 Responses to “Red & Yellow Obi”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    i’d also say it’s’s very time-cost effective, get both yellow and red:)

    • Susan Says:

      Yep. Yesterday, though, I was working with similar colors in mx dyes, coincidentally and doing a lot of wondering. I was really enjoying those colors.

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