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custom work – det. 1
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Dyeing a shirt like this, a tablecloth or blue jeans puts the indigo into a different context – at least for me. I tend to look through a different lens most of the time. So, doing custom work presents new challenges and a different perspective. It’s refreshing.

It also puts me in contact with people who think differently about what they wear. Some are passionate about indigo (as this customer is) and some want to “upscale (?), recycle or change what they have. They want to keep that wardrobe, make it last, but also make it new. I do the same with my own wardrobe.

In this case, I’ve been introduced to new fibers and fiber combinations, so it has given me a lot to think about, at least in terms of material.


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2 Responses to “custom work”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    re-dyeing older fabrics really has taught me a lot about materials. about how they were made and the care that was taken in their making. earlier this year i bought some PFD cotton thinking i wanted a nice plain cotton for quilters that i could indigo dye. after working with it and trying to like it i have finally given up on it. it has no character, doesn’t feel good in your hand, is tight and stiff and difficult to dye well. i’ll have to find some other use for the rest of it. or someone who wants it. what i ended up realizing is that this is the type of fabric most quilters use-albeit printed and they mainly are machine stitching so i guess it matters not how it feels.
    lots to think about for sure!

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