What’s the deal about Linen?

To answer that one you need to read this informative article about it featuring several TAFA craftspeople (including yours truly).

I do love working with linen.  It responds so well to the work I do in shibori as well as indigo (and other dyes).  It’s also fast becoming the only fiber I want to wear in the warmer seasons.

Having said that, be sure to watch those videos on processing the fiber.  Watching them brought to mind the stories my grandmother told about her grandmother who grew flax, processed it and then wove with it (and also may have dyed it).  I am humbled to see the labor involved.

My only (but fortunate) connection to my ancestry is simply that I also work with fibers, but not nearly on that level of involvement.  This small piece (above & no longer in my possession) is a wall hanging featuring a longtime and well-loved theme in Asia, but more specifically Japan – my lens and heartland.  In Japanese it would be called 兎と月(usagi to tsuki), Rabbit and Moon.


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6 Responses to “What’s the deal about Linen?”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    i love that piece. and linen too.

  2. Martine Says:

    same with me, i love this wonderful piece and linen, its so wonderful to wear during summer……….

  3. neki rivera Says:

    i was gifted with seeds and the plants are coming up.other than ejoy the blue flowers don’t know what i’ll do as the process is water and time consuming as well as difficult in a city apartment.
    love knitting linen. and your usagi moon gazing shibori too.

    • Susan Says:

      How fortunate you are! Enjoy them! I may have had some in my garden once, a long time ago and enjoyed that blue. I’ll have to try it again sometime. I don’t know that I could process it though.

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