Indigo plot

Indigo plot

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

This is what I consider a huge accomplishment – a small thriving plot dedicated to indigo (Polygonum tinctorum/dyers knotweed). It’s in a little late, but as usual, it’s an experiment and we’ll see what happens.

Last year rabbits or something of the same ilk ate every plant I put in the the ground, so the few remaining grew in pots. This year though, the approach is a little different (note the netting). I consider it one to grow on.


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4 Responses to “Indigo plot”

  1. Sarah Campbell Says:

    Good luck with this venture!

  2. spiritcloth Says:

    my rabbits don’t seem to bother them. they like the lettuce.

    • Susan Says:

      Well-behaved rabbits! They respect you (at least your indigo!). I don’t know about mine. If it isn’t rabbits…then something else for sure. Maybe an insect. At any rate…so far so good.

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