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The rain and cooler weather seem to have finally passed leaving us with the strong rays of summer and some humidity. I relish the cooler weather, no doubt about it, but I also look forward to this hotter time of the year. It’s good for the indigo vat and explorations along that line.

I also couldn’t wait ‘another minute’ to get a woad vat going. I’d bought some at the festival. There’s been that lingering question that I suppose many dyers of blue wonder about – the differences between woad and indigo.

This short project has only just begun, it’s open ended, just looking at depth of color and differences in hue. Then again, is it obvious which one is woad?


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2 Responses to “Blues”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    both are lovely!
    according to old texts the virgin’s mantle was dyed with woad.
    i have a very dark blue scarf dyed w. woad , so darkies can happen too 🙂

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you! They’re both a little darker now. I think I’ll leave them as they are and move on to other fibers. I’m finding I like both – not surprising. Interesting though, to see the differences. I’ll bet your scarf is beautiful!

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