Carolina Blue

Carolina Blue

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I had to put other projects aside today to enjoy the outdoors. The day couldn’t have been finer. There was ‘that’ blue sky, pleasantly warm – no humidity with a few fat curious bumblebees lurking and maybe tasting the indigo dripping from the cloth.

The vat also responded like it also was enjoying the day. It gave good color. Now, after a day of good work, it needs feeding.


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10 Responses to “Carolina Blue”

  1. Sarah Campbell Says:

    The sight of fabrics blowing in the air is always uplifting – the gentle indigo adds to their charms.

  2. enchantedhue Says:

    they turned out beautifully! I love the one in the middle – how did you achieve the pattern?

    • Susan Says:

      thank you! the one in the middle is a well documented, traditional shibori “Sekka” or snowflake pattern. Basically, the cloth is folded in a triangle, wood blocks sandwich the fabric between and it’s dipped in the dye.
      It’s a simple idea, but the master craftspeople (ex. Japan) practice a technique like this for years to achieve amazing results. I’m not there by a long shot, but I do enjoy the practice.

  3. enchantedhue Says:

    I have not tried sekka yet, but will definitely experiment with it soon!
    Thank you for your advice. I love your blog, it is full of inspiration and I appreciate that you share!

  4. shiborigirl Says:

    love sekka- and so many possible variations. from complicated (richard’s) to simple…

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