Chinese Imperial Badge

Chinese Imperial Badge

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It feels like the dragons or yokai (goblins) have been at it again – playing with the weather. It hasn’t felt normal or at least predictable lately. It hasn’t been exactly ‘vat friendly.’ I don’t want to start any new vats until things are a little more consistent, yet, there is work to be done.

A brief, refreshing foray to D.C. last weekend led to Dragons, Nagas and Creatures of the Deep、as well as Woven Treasures and Sourcing the Museum, all exhibiting
at the Textile Museum – well worth the effort. I even saw a fine example of Oshima Tsumugi – not an everyday experience.

I felt well prepared as our current exhibit at the Gregg meshes well with theirs. It helped to revisit the exhibit, to hear Lee Talbot’s (Textile Museum) discussion of  the dragon robes, the significance of their patterns, colors and much more.

Then, finally, as I mentioned previously, was able to see Itō Jakuchū’s Colorful Realm of Living Beings – sublime.


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