Ito Jakuchu at the National Gallery

Its not to be missed if you can get there. I was fortunate to see it over the weekend and it does not disappoint.

Adrian Higgins of the Washington Post (April 18th-Home & Garden) says “the Japanese bird-and-flower paintings of Ito Jakuchu achieve a transcendent luminosity.

Even if Asian screen art is not your thing, the degree of refinement, composition, movement and narrative in these national treasures of Japan will leave you breathless.”   This is a short quote from an illuminating discussion.  It was well worth the effort it took to get there.


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2 Responses to “Ito Jakuchu at the National Gallery”

  1. mandib9 Says:

    I am in TX and therefore can’t go, but I pre ordered the catalog (book) and it came last week. I love it and every day I look at one or two of the pages to savor it!

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