sun’s out

future window treatments

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

It’s a little chilly these days, dipping down to the 30s at night. It isn’t time for planting annuals quite yet, although it isn’t far off. There’s a freeze warning tonight.

Keeping the vats warm takes invention (they’re like babies), but this won’t last. I’ve got a shimmery, shiny, new wrapping keeping them warm…I think it’s working (Psssst! Glennis! Your idea! Thanks!). Maybe I should take pictures?

Another good Glennis idea is window treatments – my home needs some new ones, so why not? Tonight though, this might be a scarf (at the opening tonight?). Could work.


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6 Responses to “sun’s out”

  1. marjorie Says:

    This is a beautiful piece.

  2. neki desu Says:

    wonderfully shibui!

  3. Ronia Krieg Says:

    I would love to visit you and take a class (or two or a hundred)!!!!

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