more vat results

“PR” results

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The weather this week has been so very indigo friendly and I’ve been slow to attend to it. Next week looks like it will be the same, so there should be no end to indigo activity. I have another piece of a different kind, though, that needs my attention. I’ll just do my best.

In the meantime, I’m thinking ahead to my summer classes and pondering the various vats to introduce and “play” with. At the moment though, it’s the youth class and thinking of contexts for them.

Earlier, I mentioned the fructose vat and that’s definite. The image shown shows results from a small pre-reduced indigo vat minus the additives and this also has appeal. The results were dark enough to make pattern with, I think. That’s another “go.”


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2 Responses to “more vat results”

  1. neki desu Says:

    hi Susan,
    i’ve heard some do a short iron water dip after the fructose vat to deepen/ darken the color. my guess is thqat it’s used only on cellulose fibers as iron weakens protein fibers.
    waiting for the weather to stabilise to try both the fructose and the iron after dip.

    • Susan Says:

      Hi Neki,
      We’re having an incredible warm spell right now – unusual, but good for the vats! The iron dip is an interesting idea. I’ll try it. Thank you!

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