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handmade book – 1

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Beyond the scarves, wall hangings and other things always in the making, I like to step away and work on something that’s even more personal. Fabric books are a medium that work, as I like books. This one is still in progress and I hope to complete it soon as I hope to include it in an exhibit coming up this spring.

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4 Responses to “handmade book”

  1. velma Says:

    wish i could hold this–

    • Susan Says:

      How does one respond? I am very touched. Looking forward to completing this and moving on to another. I learned a lot from this one and it holds some precious memories.

  2. velma Says:

    i think why i like this so much is it’s intimacy and of course the beautiful color. it seems to want to be explored.

    • Susan Says:

      You’re right. It’s a small book, each page roughly 3.5 in. x 6.5 and I’m sure it was meant to be just exactly that – intimate. It’s a personal exploration – memory. I’ll write about it. It’s one of 3 pieces that I’m submitting to a small exhibit in April. I’ve got 2 completed, one more to go for this particular context – can’t wait! I’m taking my time with it, letting the ideas simmer I guess. And thank you!

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