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The balmy weather of the last few days has left for a while. In spite of the unseasonable weather, it played in my favor.

Today, it will be at least 10 degrees cooler, there’s a slight chill, but I didn’t feel it in the morning light. There was birdsong and the sun was warming. It’s February.

A haiku:




飯田 蛇笏

ura-ura to

Asahi izuru shimo no

Hayashi ka na.

Iida Dakotsu

The morning sun

Rises above the frosty woods
Iida Dakotsu


2 Responses to “process”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    nice to see this color in the woods. what is it? madder? cochineal?

    i have some madder i am saving to work with when the time is right. i am also interested in cochineal on silk. bug on bug…

    • Susan Says:

      Ah…a rust brown – mx dyes. I worked a little with madder last summer but didn’t get the intensity. I’d love to try again. Cochineal has a lot of appeal – love the color!

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