waiting for spring

Indigo detail

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I am waiting for spring, but before it arrives, I would love a little winter. All we’ve had is a feint suggestion and it continues to be that way. Still, I can’t help but look ahead.

I know I wrote much earlier, about my indigo plants, wondering what to do with them over the winter – I did finally, last month, cut them back. Only one made it indoors where I sat it in the sun and ignored it. It’s coming back with healthy green leaves. So, I’m thinking about this coming spring and planting more seeds…more plants…more indigo.

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2 Responses to “waiting for spring”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    i think your climate is much better suited to indigo growing than mine. i may give it another go…nice to see yours thriving!

    • Susan Says:

      Hmm. I’m wondering why that might be. I thought you had pretty mild temps. Interestingly…today there was an article in today’s paper (NC’s N&O) about climate change and how it has affected our plant hardiness zones. Apparently we are one degree from being in zone 8 which is more coastal temps. We are warming up and it looks like we compare to SC and you know the history there.

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