The vat

The vat

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I’m heating it up again this morning and hope it will “cooperate” as the temps are not really suited. However, it’s the warmest it’s going to be for at least a week or more. Today’s temps will be in the low 60s, but even now, with the sun, it feels quite tolerable. I hope the vat feels the same.

A custom job awaits, so I want to take advantage of this good weather. It could take a few weeks to actually complete things.

In the meantime, I’m like the vat – taking it slow and tentative. I’m easing into this new year. A virus or something similar knocked me flat for at least a week over the holidays so my energy level isn’t back to normal yet. It’s time, though, to begin work and this project will help.


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4 Responses to “The vat”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    winter is a tricky time to keep the vat going and although i have been experimenting with several things (that heated feeder being one) the best thing so far is a break in the weather! we’ve had some 90 degree days here and i’ve moved one of the vats into a sunnier location. nights are cool so i have to depend on saving the days warmth. btw- that feeder bucket is not the answer. darn!!

    • Susan Says:

      It is indeed a tricky time. I think I like to “defy” it sometimes, but honestly, I think it truly needs warm temps. I used a fish tank warmer today, and it helped, but by the end of my work session things were definitely diminishing. Too bad that feeder bucket doesn’t do the job, it seemed like it had so much potential. Tomorrow we are getting a little dip towards winter again – too chilly to think about the vat.

      • shiborigirl Says:

        ahhh…yes-potential! now i am wondering about doing a better job harnessing the sun by day and perhaps a camping blanket to retain the days warmth at night. kinda like tucking it into bed…

      • Susan Says:

        It might work. I keep a thick blanket like towel wrapped around mine. It stays warm, but it’s still just not the same. Right now, I’d like just a bit of winter. It hasn’t been cold enough yet and wondering if we’re just not going to see it this year.

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