a whisper

linen gauze – detail

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I’m working in slow mode today it seems or maybe it’s more like not at all.
I think I need a little breathing time or something. I could also be courting a cold. I can’t be sure.

At any rate, the main focus this week has been to complete work for my upcoming December exhibit (and I’m probably repeating myself). I’ve made good progress and at this point it might just be loose ends. The “goods” need to be delivered, ready to hang the week before Thanksgiving, so the deadline is soon.

However, it seems that just a few more small pieces might be needed to fill a certain small space – just in case. We have a rainy day, so it seems like work in the sketchbook & a little stitching is the thing (maybe even some kabuki!).

The image (above) is a linen gauze scarf – a recent custom order that was sent for over dyeing. It’s completely opposite to what I usually work toward. It’s so pale, but that has its own challenges, so I love the results. I’m really pleased that it came out kamenozoki iro, a whisper of blue, and I covered the topic in an earlier post.

I’ve been so focused on the darker ranges of the color that sometimes, I forget about the beauty in the subtle lightness. It was good to work in this end of things.


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2 Responses to “a whisper”

  1. neki desu Says:

    imagining deep dark indigo gauze.

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