silk & indigo

silk & indigo
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The weather has been almost ideal, although I’m sure most folks are ready for much cooler weather. Me? I’d like to stall it for just a few more days. I’m still pushing to finish a few more pieces for the exhibit and a customer request (or order).  Actually, probably the bulk of the work is done, just need to work on some banners for the porch.  Most of them are already dyed, but there are still a few more to go.

Tomorrow is the last of it for a little while. I know that there will be some warm breaks between the cold spells, there always is. At least I have one more day to push. I think I should just do some free play – better that way – and fun.

The image – the early dips (in indigo, of course) of a large silk scarf – the customer request. I went just a wee bit darker – not too…. I completed that particular  job yesterday.


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4 Responses to “silk & indigo”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    yes for you the cold weather impedes the indigo much more. even here though it prefers warmer weather. we’ve had some again and yesterday i reactivated the vat by heating some up and got a few last pieces through for the show-also silk. that’s it though. and i’m as done as i can be.

    • Susan Says:

      I feel the same. I may be tempted to heat it up again if we get any more balmy days, but otherwise, I’m putting it to rest. I’m ready for one too!

  2. neki desu Says:

    how satisfactory all this dyeing!

    • Susan Says:

      It was good while it lasted! Now it’s a little too chilly for it, at least for the moment. In a day or two it could warm up, but not sure that I’ll be doing any for a while.

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