Obon Matsuri

‘Bon Odori: Tsuki ga deta deta…br

Originally uploaded by SOFennell

There’s nothing quite like a ‘Bon Matsuri on a late summer’s eve. The temperatures fell just enough and the rain held off to make it perfect.

お盆祭り・おぼん まつり・Obon (Bon) Matsuri (festival) –

its the “midsummer festival to welcome the souls of the dead” and the Buddhist All Souls’ Day, according to one of my on-line dictionaries.

3 Responses to “Obon Matsuri”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    no there certainly isn’t. i’m going to put up a photo on my blog of the ones i attended in japan in the late 60’s. even now looking back at photos i was surprised at the scale of the event. it’s a beautiful sight and the food is great!

    • Susan Says:

      Wonderful! I haven’t attended in years and it was suggested that I go this year. It was well worth it. Apparently there were over 1000 that went, so it was a great show from the community. It never felt crowded and I loved the old-fashioned on-the-grass family picnic with music and dancing. So refreshing! I’ll go again next year.

  2. obon | Shibori Girl Says:

    […] my friend Susan made note of one near her in her recent post. […]

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