But it takes me back

shooting outdoors
Originally uploaded by SOFennell

Aesthetically speaking, this may not be the best presentation. It’s outdoors, the clothespins are next to the scarf. I’m not sure the scarf is entirely in focus. There could have been a slight breeze just as I was pushing  the shutter. It’s hard to say. Basically, it’s imperfect and I guess we’re supposed to be striving for the best or some kind of perfection or at least bringing it to the best “light.” The thing is, there’s a part of me that wants to fight that.

I like a little reality. It’s more fun that way. There’s more to it though and I’ve realized that for some time. It hit me again when I read a message from an old middle school chum from my days in Japan. She referred to our summers in the mountains – Nojri-ko in Nagano-ken. It explained it all.

It’s memory,  you carry it with you and put it in your work.  It becomes a part of your imagery.  Of course, when I’m taking these little outdoor shots, in my backyard, there’s also an element of sound, from the insects.  That experience is also important and that aspect is unseen (or unheard).

That’s as far as I can take it for the moment.  It’s a little “dip” into the idea,  but it’s a start.  I know why I do what I do and it’s the knowing and understanding that matters, I think.

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6 Responses to “But it takes me back”

  1. velma Says:

    i’m eager to read more! fine reflection. lovely shot, in all its imperfection–

  2. neki desu Says:

    imperfections carry the maker’s hand message…

  3. onesmallstitch Says:

    perfection is boring, machines can do that.

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