Where are those Beaufort breezes?

over dyeing-Lea’s piece
Originally uploaded by SOFennell

I miss them. We’ve had August heat already, but it dropped pleasantly to the 80s for our Beaufort weekend. We kept the doors to the art center open so the breezes could waft through. Refreshing.

I should also add that the vats were well-received (I think!). It seemed our participants couldn’t get enough of the indigo and seemed to enjoy the over dyeing experience as well – many beautiful results.

Then we returned home and it shot to triple digits for 5 days – a bit much, so I didn’t seek out the vat. My work area was stifling by mid-morning, so I stayed in and stitched mostly.

One outing, though, was to see “30 Americans” at the NCMA with my son who was visiting from Alaska. To say it’s a strong exhibit is an understatement and I know I’ll want to see it again before it closes in September.

A few summer (夏・なつ・natsu) words or expressions:

夏座敷 ・なつざしき・natsuzashiki – room arranged for the summer (by removing screens and doors to improve air flow

薫風 ・くんぷう・kunpuu – summer breeze

夏蝉・なつぜみ・natsuzemi – summer cicada

暑中お見舞 ・しょちゅうおみまい・shochuu omimai – summer greeting card with an inquiry about one’s health in the season’s heat.


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