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Between the dry weather, the sudden rainstorms, teaching days and other little demands of the daily, I practice. I’m reminded of past piano lessons, the warm up exercises before tackling the piece or pieces I was focused on. It was not only important to get the muscles (and brain) warmed up, but also helped to bring me to the technical aspects of it. So, I think of these also as warm up exercises.

I’m thinking about these patterns or of something similar. It helps to fold and dip. It just keeps me moving and it’s fun. it also tells me about the vat – where it is, how it is and what it might need.  It’s living after all.

Back to the patterns – it’s summer – and these high contrast indigo and white images are what one might see on a yukata (light summer kimono) at a festival (matsuri). Both cloth (cotton or linen) and pattern are meant to cool one down physically as well as visually. It’s what comes to mind in the summer heat.


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4 Responses to “Practice”

  1. nuvofelt Says:

    Lovely patterns. It’s hot today and I could do with a yukata!

  2. neki rivera Says:

    love the different shades of indigo you got!

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