indigo “liquor”

indigo “liquor”
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I feel like if I’m going to invest in the process, then I need to experience a few things – like how many ways are there to create a natural fermentation vat and keep it ‘happy’?

I think mine may have been defined as ‘sulky’ and not sure why that is exactly. There are so many variables in the process. The temperatures and weather have not been ideal and that may be an element, but I can’t be sure.

I took out a few cups this weekend and played with some different ingredients: syrup, “spirits,” urea, ammonia…things like that. It came out smelling quite sweet actually. Then I added them back into the vat. It seems to have improved things a bit.


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6 Responses to “indigo “liquor””

  1. Shiborigirl Says:

    Don’t get a DUII
    (driving under the influence of indigo)
    Hey I’m stopping at a Tokyo dye shop for aobana pens. Do you want any?

  2. jude Says:

    i’m growing some, but just watching you right now.

    • Susan Says:

      Oh boy. I hope that’s a good thing. As you know, I also have a few little sprouts coming up – hope they get big and strong.

  3. neki rivera Says:

    talk about variables!
    the last i heard was that you could do a f. vat with powdered natural indigo.
    i like the bran recipe a lot but find that the temperature is crucial.
    ohhc’mon girls i want seeds.pleeease!!

    • Susan Says:

      Yes! So many! I’m using bran too, but am wondering if my pot is not warm enough. I’m using an aquarium heater, which is convenient, but it may not be warm enough. I may have to switch over to a warming tray just to heat things up a little more.

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