looking back a bit

   I can often count on a story after my mother sees old pictures.  She tells and I scribble.  I have no recollection of my very early years, but we have a lot of documentation.

I’m sure my dad was the photographer here, as he was rarely without his camera.  A lot of my moments were not so sunny.  Here, I can see how much my younger sisters take after my mother.  I tend to favor my father.

This was taken on the front stoop of our “pre-fab” house on the now non-existent Nishi-Okubo (all gaijin – foreigner)-missionary compound in Tokyo.  It was home for our first few years of living in Japan.  It’s where we started our ‘journey’.  It’s where my parents learned the language and developed a sense of community with the other missionary families living in that neighborhood.

It was mostly my younger sister and I (in our immediate family) during those early years, but before we moved south (to Kyushu) we also acquired a younger brother.

At this point in time, my mother was learning her role as a missionary wife and mother – making a home, raising, educating & nurturing her growing family, and adapting to a foreign culture.  She was just beginning her adventure.


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