fait accompli

fait accompli

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It is indeed, finally, a fait accompli! It cannot be undone or reversed (so says Webster’s). I’ve been working on the idea since February, always holding a visual idea of it in mind. It really couldn’t be done until conditions were right – familiarity with technique, the dye and its interaction with the fabric involved, and then the weather.

The weather has also been a factor. A warm, sunny, not too hot, preferably spring like with not too many distracting insects was wanted. Yesterday was it. I also knew that it would be turning cooler with rain today. So, the sooner the better….

The morning was spent setting up: laying out tools, tubs, buckets, spoons, brushes, timer, camera and dye, and the dress was put in water for pre-soaking. A pulley was rigged up in hopes of holding it over the dye vat (that was the theory and a good one I’m sure), and then finally it was immersed into the vat where the dye was slowly added while timing it in sequence.

In spite of a springy clothesline (this is where the pulley didn’t work), the sought for dusty rose ombre was managed and that was a huge relief. The dress was rinsed, later washed and draped over the clothesline for the rest of the day. So, the work is basically complete. There are some finishing details to attend to and again; I’d like clear weather for good light.

Perhaps, also in the future, we can see the dress in its full context.  That’s a few months away, but not so far off and I’ll look forward to it.


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4 Responses to “fait accompli”

  1. Cheryl Harrison Says:

    Congratulations! I know this has been on your mind for a while!

  2. neki rivera Says:

    until then will manage the suspense 🙂

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