Indigo morning

Indigo scarves
Originally uploaded by SOFennell

There were other things I probably could have been doing this morning, but decided on a whim to use the vat sitting in the garage. It was ready to go, and it wasn’t storming as predicted. Fortunately, I had the morning.

I’ve been watching the weather maps and keeping an eye on warnings all morning. Weather like this makes me a little nervous these days.  At the moment, I’m hearing some rumbling in the distance.  It seems to come and go like the little bands of sprinkles that move through.

A little culture & “vocab” in context:

wind – kaze – かぜ・風

windy day – kaze no tsuyoi hi – 風のつよい日

風雨 – ふうう- fuu – wind and rain;

強風 【きょうふう】kyoufuu – strong wind

暴風雨 【ぼうふうう】boufuu – storm

風師 【ふうし】boushi –  wind god

Also a proverb:


Kaze ni atatta mono wa kashikoku naru. 

The wind in one’s face makes one wise.


6 Responses to “Indigo morning”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    haha! thanks for the lesson.
    those holey scarves are awesome!! is that wool?

  2. jude Says:

    oh my, these are grand…

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Your scarves are so nice and dark – what type of a vat / recipe are you using?

    • Susan Says:

      Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your comments. I go back and forth between the “synthetic” and natural fermentation vat – it depends on what day it is or something like that. Your pieces are also lovely. I like your memorial flags and also your indigo piece – magical!

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