Dusty Rose Studies


Dusty Rose Studies 1

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It’s a vintage rose, dusty rose…it has just the barest hint of mauve and I’m experimenting with it. Today, after spending several days preparing a few scarves, they were finally immersed in their color.

With these I’ve established that I have the hue I want to work with and that I can also create ombre with it on silk. I still need to know how deep I can go, so there’s still more testing to do.

All of this has to do with a small commission or order requested several weeks ago. It involves over dyeing a long white silk dress in a rose ombre. I feel like it has to be approached very carefully-hence the practice.


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4 Responses to “Dusty Rose Studies”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    is it a natural dyestuff? not thst i hold anythings against procions or sabrasets 🙂

    • Susan Says:

      No, not natural. It’s procion mx and that should make the job a lot easier, but I’ve found that the colors aren’t always consistent with their descriptions (so you do have to do some testing) and still, you get some variation depending on the fabric and I saw that between the silk and rayon. The silk actually came out more rose, whereas the rayon came out a more tan or khaki with pink (also my dye wasn’t mixed as well as I thought, but for this, I didn’t mind so much, it came out looking organic and I like that). I want to try it again, but this time go deeper (darker) in hue.

  2. neki rivera Says:

    mortified by all the typos. nimble fingers w.out coffe do not work well. (>x<)

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